India Gate lit up in red on World Thalassemia Day

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India Gate

In an effort to raise awareness towards Thalassemia on the occasion of World Thalassemia Day, Sir Ganga Hospital illuminated the India Gate in red colour.

Dr. DS Rana, Chairman, Sir Ganga Trust Society, said that it is important to prevent the disease by identifying the carriers with simple blood test. In the last 20 years, over 55,000 pregnancies have been screened in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and not a single patient of thalassemia has been born”.

The hospital held event into two parts: a walkathon was held in the morning, and in the evening, Dr. DS Rana, Chairman of Sir Ganga Trust Society, was the Chief Guest, at the historic event of illuminating the India Gate in RED colour. 

World Thalassemia Day is a useful call to raise awareness about the condition because Over 10,000 children are born with the condition every year in India. Of these, 50 per cent do not survive till the age of 20 due to poverty and lack of treatment and an estimated 100 million people worldwide who carry the thalassemia genes.

Dr. Ajay Swaroop Chairman, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital highlighted “Thalassemia is a preventable disease and sir Ganga Ram hospital has the proud record of a zero thalassemia birth because of our dedicated unit of thalassemia which has been working over the years with empathy and zeal on this day I congratulate them and salute sir Ganga Ram hospital.”