About Medlarge

Healthy Citizens are the greatest assets any country can have – this is the central idea that drives the Medlarge team to bring the news that makes your life a little bit healthier and prosperous. Medlarge.com is a one-stop platform that caters to the pulse of the Indian healthcare industry. From the top of policy-making, research, and business to the news that impacts the lives of common citizens, we make our readers informed with all the latest developments from hospitals, devices, medicines, diagnostics, health schemes, medical tourism to health infrastructure along with the ups and downs of the industry. Medlarge.com has over thousands of doctors across the specialties from India’s premier health Institutions that specifically prescribed your health dose on daily basis to keep you healthy and prosperous.

What we do

  • Public Relation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Web Development
  • Translation / Transliteration
  • Event Management
  • Social Media Handling

How we do it

A team of India’s top health journalists with a cup of black coffee spend hours to bring the cliché from your marketing team and elaborate to truly comprehend exactly what it is we want to accomplish together.

As the Medlarge has an open- door policy with the Health Industry leaders, and have a personal working relationship with them, the team discusses to figure out the campaign that can lead to true victory of our clients’ satisfaction and the distinctive value of their brand.

We are a results-oriented advertising agency combining the best in agency talent with the agility, quality, and service of a smaller shop. We are a boutique agency with a global state of mind, local presence, big ideas and profound resources.

We believe in long term partnership with our valuable client that can fetch the desirable results.

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If you have any questions, comments, feedback or would like to know more about Medlarge.com, please feel free to contact us. If any query to make your products global, any editorial policy or your health-related tips – just mail us at News@medlarge.com or call us at 9717014688

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If you want Medlarge.com to cover your publications or to get your products advertised with us, just reach to us at News@medlarge.com or call us at 9717014688

Brand your products with a number of doctors across India’s premier health organizations and its lakhs of esteemed readers that can transform your brands from local to global with no anxiety of making road-side long hoardings and disquiet of electronics media.

Guest Writing on Medlarge

If you aim to publish your article on the Medlarge.com, please write to us. We would love to connect with you and carry your articles to our esteemed readers.

Just mail us at News@medlarge.com or call us at 9717014688