AIIMS Student union protest against academic session

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The AIIMS Students Association has started protest against The Academic Section of of the hospital. Around 200 students gathered near the director’s office, raising slogans, and displaying banners demanding the authority to heed their call.

The protest was centered on the concerns of mental health and social welfare. The protest was the culmination of several months of piled-up anguish and resentment amidst the students regarding the dismal attitude of the administration towards the needs of the UG community.

Permission to all socio-cultural events, including the widely renowned PULSE, has been repeatedly denied on baseless grounds. The annual funds to operate the cultural societies have been cruelly denied, depriving the students of the opportunities to indulge in holistic growth.

Students have been detained from appearing in professional exams on grounds of low attendance despite having legitimate medical certificates provided by AIIMS itself, The provision to avail medical leaves has been banished by means of an official notice.

Lecture theatres and the auditorium have remained largely inaccessible for the conduction of any intramural events. The permission to conduct a student-led scientific conference ‘INSIGHT”, which aims to promote research and academic activities, has been vehemently denied.

The administration has actively sought to prevent students from pursuing research electives and exchange programs. Leaves and permissions for the same have been denied for the last 3 years, unlike in the past.

“It is a matter of grave concern that the Director, the chairman of the ASA, has decided to alienate himself from his constitutional responsibilities towards the well-being of the UG community. The ASA, emboldened by support from the entire UG community, hereby announces to fiercely pursue this protest for an indefinite period until the demands are met”, said union in a statement.