Five (5) resident doctors threaten of mass suicide

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In a shocking incident, five residents doctors have threatened to commit mass suicide if their concerns are not addressed. Alleging of toxic culture in the colleges, resident doctors of Gandhi Medical College in Bhopal have announced to commit mass suicide on 31st May 2024 if their concerns are not addressed by the authorities.

Demanding to stop the non-stop working hours which can go for more than 24 hours, the doctors have urged to ensure a healthy working environment and to stop the toxicity and abuse. In a letter to the authority, the doctors said that they have been dealing with the toxic culture for a long time. They referred one incident when a 27-year-old 3rd-year gynaecology resident doctor who was 14 weeks pregnant committed suicide by injecting an overdose of anaesthesia. As per the suicide note left by the deceased doctor, she succumbed to the toxicity and lack of ethics at the GMC. The other instance of suicide took place in January 2023 when a 24-year-old 1st-year paediatrics student committed suicide by injecting an overdose of anaesthesia and painkillers because she could not handle the pressure.

Doctors said “If proper and immediate steps will not be taken within two months.. Then to lodge our protest we 5 residents will do suicide in a single day on 31st May 2024. This College and hospital will be famous for suicide and toxicity in the future. This letter could also be considered as our suicide note.”

Terming the issues very serious, the National Chairman of FAIMA Dr. Rohan Krishnan said that FAIMA has already formed a committee, headed by him, to address the issue. “We have also appointed consultant psychiatrists and leaders of the Junior Doctors’ Association of Madhya Pradesh, and Resident Doctors’ Association of GMC Bhopal,” he mentioned.