Contoura Vision Laser Machine Inaugurated at Narang Eye Institute

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Narang Eye Institute, an ASG Enterprise inaugurated the Contoura new Vision Laser Machine today at Model Town, New Delhi. Contoura Vision is the latest advancement in laser vision correction technology. Other laser technologies only address refractive power while Contoura Vision goes beyond to correct corneal irregularities on the visual axis. Similarly, it provides faster and better visual results as compared to other popular techniques like LASIK or SMILE.

Talking to media, Dr. S.K Narang of Narang Eye Institute informed that Contoura new Vision (CV) ‘Laser Vision Correction’ is a type of surgery for spectacle removal and correcting corneal irregularities. As compared to LASIK, this technology delivers superior results.

Contoura Vision is a blade-free, pain-free and no-stitch procedure, which works by creating a 3D map of the cornea and segmenting it into 22,000 unique elevation points. Each of these points is then precisely corrected to enhance the patient’s visual acuity and quality.

In response to a question, Dr. S.K Narang said that our Ophthalmologist team evaluates the condition of eyes for each patient and formulates a treatment plan that is best suited for the patient. He went along to say that this is the new era in the field of eye surgery and patients will benefit immensely.

LASIK – In this procedure, a flap is created in the cornea by a microkeratome (blade) or femtosecond, then the spectacle number is removed by an excimer laser, and the flap is put back in place. By the next day, most patients are able to have a clear vision but may remain with aberrations (small error). LASIK process can remove both sphere and cylinder numbers.

SMILE – this procedure does not require a flap and removes the lenticule from the cornea through a small incision and uses a femtosecond laser. In this process the sphere can be removed but the cylinder cannot be removed to a great degree. Further refinement is needed in this process.

The newest procedure is Contoura LASIK – a customized map of the eyes is created by a topolyzer. In this customized map, 22,000 points are corrected by a computer. In this process 10 to 12 spheres and 4 to 5 cylinders can be removed. For those patients who cannot have LASIK or SMILE, ICL surgery is advised. Post-operative care requires medication for 1-2 months, refrain from eye wash for 2 weeks. The eye dryness can last for 2 months. The patients are advised to take convergence exercise for the eye muscles. Patients can resume their work after 2 days. Laser technique has shown 99.5% success rate in patient satisfaction.