Cases are fewer in hospitals but stay away from crowded places: Delhi govt over H3N2 infection

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JN.1 variant

Delhi health minister Saurabh Bharadwaj on Friday urged the people to stay away from crowded places over rising cases of Covid and H3N2 influenza cases in the country.

‘Cases are fewer in government hospitals. 20 influenza cases have been found at Lok Nayak hospital and 8-10 cases in other hospitals. Beds were reserved during the Covid-19 pandemic. We haven’t released those beds,’ he said while addressing the media.

The government also gave instructions to all districts for surveillance to monitor the cases of influenza and Covid-19. “Viral peak is common during this season. The current influenza peak is impacting those who have been affected with covid infection. Elderly above 65 years and children below five years of age need to be more careful”, said newly-appointed minister, adding that center has issued Covid advisory to six states, but Delhi is not among them.

However, we are issuing advisory on behalf of Delhi government that avoid going crowded places, keep washing hands, and other preventive measures.

Bharadwaj also said that there are no plans to bring back the compulsory wearing of masks. ‘Soon, the government will start awareness programs and will also create awareness through print, TV and FM advertisement,” he added.