Doctor removed complex tumor from newly married to preserves fertility

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complex tumor

Doctors at a private hospital has removed the complex tumor located between newly married bladder and uterus using cutting-edge robotic technology. After the critical surgery, the young woman who was recently married can start the family.

The patient – Mrs. Sunita – came to Sir Gangaram hospital with minimal urinary issues and decided to get an ultrasound to ensure everything was normal. The scan revealed a sizeable 6x5x4 cm tumor in the pocket between her bladder and uterus. Understandably anxious about the implications for her fertility, Mrs. Sunita underwent further testing including a CT scan and MRI.

The department of urology & Robotic surgery of the hospital decided after the testing that surgical removal will be the best course of action, but with the tumor’s proximity to the uterus, bladder, and left ureter, great care would be needed to preserve these vital organs.

Dr Vipin Tyagi, lead surgeon, said “The challenges in this surgery were immense,” explained the lead surgeon. “We had to remove the tumor without affecting the uterus, bladder, or ureter, all while avoiding a large incision that could complicate the patient’s future pregnancy plans.”

“The robotic technology was essential in accessing this difficult pocket between the organs and removing the tumor without any collateral damage,” the surgeon noted. “The 3D visualization and versatile instruments gave us the level of control needed to protect the uterus and other critical structures.”

Following the successful surgery, Mrs. Sanita had a smooth recovery and was discharged from the hospital just two days later, relieved to have the tumor removed and her fertility preserved. The team at Sir Gangaram hospital is hopeful that Mrs. Sunita will now be able to pursue her dream of starting a family.