AIMS Organizes Blood Donation Camp on World Blood Donor Day

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Asian Institute of Medical Sciences

The Asian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) proudly hosted a blood donation camp today, marking a significant contribution to the community’s health and wellness. The event, held from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Blood Bank on the 4th floor of the institute, saw enthusiastic participation from both male and female donors, reflecting a strong commitment to saving lives and supporting medical emergencies.

The event also featured a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a cake-cutting celebration, highlighting the collective spirit and unity of the community in this life-saving effort. The atmosphere was filled with hope and gratitude as attendees gathered to recognize the importance of their contributions.

Dr. N. K. Pandey, CMD of the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, expressed his gratitude and pride in the community’s response. “It is heartening to see so many individuals come forward to donate blood. Each donation can save up to three lives, and the impact of such generosity is profound. Our blood bank is now better equipped to handle emergencies and support those in need, thanks to the selfless contributions of our donors.”

The camp was open to individuals aged 18-65 years, with a minimum weight of 45 kilograms and haemoglobin levels above 12.5 grams. These criteria ensured that all donations were safe and beneficial for both donors and recipients.

The camp witnessed contributions from a diverse group of 50 donors, with a total of 38 males and 12 females participating. Their willingness to donate not only supports the immediate needs of patients but also helps maintain a stable blood supply for future emergencies.

Dr. Uma Rani, Director – Laboratory & Blood Bank remarked Blood donation plays a crucial role in treating complications like childbirth, severe anaemia in children, and aiding accident victims, DIC and liver disease.