Impacting 10 million lives, Chetna Heroes were awarded for their exemplary contribution

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Shubhang Arora, Executive Director, Yashoda Kaushambi

A ‘Coffee Table Book’ on Chetna Heroes’ accomplishments was also released in the honour of their selfless services to the society on Sunday. Spreading goodness is divine, which seems diminishing in the materialistic age. However, Mission Chetna, resolved to the cause of philanthropy, with its mission to ‘Spreading Goodness’ in the society has been unwaveringly chasing its mission and getting desired success and support from like-minded people.

Recognising the exemplary contribution of Chetna Heroes in spreading goodness, Mission Chetna awarded them in an award function organised on May 22, 2022, at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. Mr Manoj Sinha, Lt Governor of J&K conferred the awards to ‘Chetan Heroes’ – the real-life heroes and also released a Coffee Table Book on “Chetna Heroes – Spreading Goodness” based on their deeds. The ‘Coffee Table Book’ profiles 32 Chetna Heroes whose distinguished philanthropic activities have been instrumental in bringing change in the lives of almost 10 million underprivileged Indians. Mission Chetna has bestowed the title – Chetna Heroes to those who dedicate themselves to social service. Chetna Heroes from 11 states of the country have carried out an array of social-welfare activities such as distribution of meals for specially-abled; the arrangement of food and healthcare for animals – cows, dogs, cats, and birds; empowering the women by providing them skills’ training; providing medical support to the needy, and education to the underprivileged children.

While addressing the award ceremony, Chief Guest, Mr Manoj Sinha, Lt Governor of J&K, said, “Indeed, it’s heart-warming to see the marvellous philanthropic work of Mission Chetna towards spreading goodness in the society through a variety of social welfare activities. And in carrying out this noble deed, the contribution of Chetna Heroes is immense. The Coffee Table Book on “Chetna Heroes – Spreading Goodness” is a real tribute to the real-life Chetna Heroes whose exemplary work has brought about a change in the lives of millions of underprivileged people of India. Mr Manoj Sinha further emphasised “There on the need to strengthen the interface between the administration and voluntary citizens’ group for efficient delivery of services and giving focused attention to social sector priorities such as environment, women empowerment, tribal welfare and care for the aged and specially-abled. Selfless service holds the key to our future. In our quest towards nation-building, we need to ensure that the growth benefits are equally distributed amongst all sections of the society, especially the poorest of the poor.”

Expressing gratitude to Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Mr Sinha said, “Now, through Padma awards, the real unsung heroes are being honoured wherein who are the new inspirations to the society. And Voluntary organizations and individuals working together with the administrative machinery have the potential to bring about revolutionary changes in the lives of people, bridging gaps in the systems and contributing to the progress of society and the nation.” Speaking during the award ceremony, Guest of Honour Mr K J Alphons, MP, Rajya Sabha, said, “The philanthropic work of Mission Chetna towards spreading goodness in the society is highly commendable. Honouring the Chetna Heroes by profiling them in the Coffee Table Book will inspire like-minded people to join this noble cause of spreading goodness in our society to make it a better place to live. I have never participated in any function in my life so far where unsung heroes are awarded, except this.” During the award ceremony, elaborating on the social issues in Indian society, Guest of Honour, Ms Usha Rai, a Renowned Journalist, said, “The philanthropic activities carried out by Mission Chetna are laudable indeed; and more significantly, the selfless service rendered to the needy by the Chetna Heroes is awe-inspiring and motivating to our society to participate in such a noble cause. I wish Mission Chetna will contribute its optimum in transforming the face of Indian society.”

Elated with the exemplary deeds of Chetna Heroes in spreading goodness in Indian society during the award ceremony, a person of philanthropist streak and an accomplished former corporate leader, Mr Ravi Sharma, Founder of Mission Chetna who has pledged his life to the mission of ‘Spreading Goodness’ in society, said, “Mission Chetna is committed to identifying and appreciating those who are living a life of goodness and inspiring others to do so. While forests and trees are protected and increased for a better environment, goodness needs to be protected, appropriated, and supported to create a happy society.