Don’t wait to get sick in hectic lifestyle: Gaurav Pandey

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Keeping us healthy is a major issue due to our hectic schedules and inconsistent lifestyles and routines.Keeping one’s health physically, mentally, and socially balanced is the hallmark of an overall healthy person. Emphasis has always been placed on achieving this through a balanced diet, regular routine, regular exercise, and adequate sleep. But in the changing circumstances, it is becoming difficult to get a healthy body even through these measures. Due to the increasing use of machines, pollution, adulteration, use of pesticides and less physical labor, the risk of developing diseases has increased even more.So the question arises that what should we do.Senior doctors nowadays recommend regular check-ups and consultations to diagnose diseases at the earliest.Now a days Medical Laboratory and Radiological investigations are not just important for diagnosing disorders once symptoms appear or disease is detected rather they are also commonly used by a large number of doctors known as preventive healthcare experts as an important aspect to prevent diseases. Some simple tests can predict the onset of major diseases, in such a situation, regular health check-up can prove to be a great medium for health protection.

By conducting regular health check-ups, we can also prevent the diseases at the right time and reduce their complications and further risks.Generally, people above 40 years of age need more regular health check-ups as their chances of getting affected by dangerous diseases increase with increasing age.By the way, in today’s changed circumstances, it is also being seen that even after 25 years of age serious diseases like heart disease and heart attack have started.With few low cost investigations and easy tests we can prevent serious diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, oral cancer, any lump in the body from growing or spreading to become cancer by diagnosing it at the right time.There are health checkup packages available for people of different age groups, for women and men and also according to disease, which can be easily availed.If we talk about some common tests, then a disease like high blood pressure can be prevented by regularly checking blood pressure.

The same disease like diabetes can be diagnosed by checking blood sugar fasting and blood sugar PP from time to time and 3-month average blood sugar test HBA1c.If we talk about the diseases of heart, then the lipid profile in which the amount of cholesterol and triglyceride is checked as well as the amount of HDL i.e. good cholesterol and LDL which is called bad cholesterol is also being checked to see if there is any chance of developing blockage due to fatty deposits which can be prevented if we keep our Lipid Profile in limits. As well as heart condition can be checked through a simple test ECG in case of any type of heart pain or heaviness or symptoms of heart attack. Major diseases like other irregularities of the heart can also be diagnosed with the help of other tests. People over the age of 45 should continue to undergo treadmill tests, echocardiography and chest X-rays to diagnose heart disease every year.Kidney diseases can be diagnosed at the right time with simple blood tests like serum creatinine, blood urea and blood nitrogen.Various diseases of the stomach and gall bladder stones can be diagnosed through ultrasound whole abdomen.Prostate cancer is very common in men which can be diagnosed with a blood test (PSA). And in the women, on the other hand, some types of cancers can be diagnosed at an early stage by Pap smear.We can diagnose some blood cancers through CBC or complete hemogram test.For other diseases, we can consult our Family Physician or General Physician and get it done and prevent the diseases from progressing at the right time.In a nutshell we can say that preventive health check-ups reduces your health care cost burden as you can diagnose the diseases at early stages and the treatment of that would not cost you much. It prevents the further growth of disease as the correct treatment with correct diagnosis would stop it’s spread. It is also seen that people who see their doctor regularly and have routine screenings are more likely to receive an early diagnosis if they develop a medical condition, and this contributes to better outcomes and a longer lifespan.Regular health check-ups also lower the likelihood of treatment complications — when you are diagnosed with a health illness early on, the complexity and danger associated are lower than when you are diagnosed later. A frequent check-up can assist your body in recovering from any health issues.A preventive health check-up reveals if you are healthy, providing peace of mind, or whether you need to take corrective action right away if a condition is developing.