Health experts demand ‘Exclusive National Cancer Control Policy’ on World Cancer Day

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World Cancer Day

Ahead of World Cancer day being observed on Feb 4 every year to raise awareness about the disease, the health experts have urged for an Exclusive National Cancer Control Policy in the country.

Lauding center’s decision to incorporate cervical cancer vaccine into the national immunization program, the health experts at the 5th edition of Cancer summit on Saturday noted that a National Cancer Control Policy in line with National TB Control Programme (RNTCP), National Viral Hepatitis Control Programme and Department of AIDS Control, can give significant outcome in curbing the growing number of cancer cases. Dr. Shyam Aggarwal, Oncologist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, said, “a multifaceted approach is required for cancer as it is different from other infectious diseases. It is time we aggressively create awareness on early detection for better survival rates and equip the primary healthcare professionals with capacity building and relevant knowledge.”

Mr. Kamal Narayan, CEO, Integrated Health and Wellbeing Council, observed, “As we commemorate World Cancer Day let us not only raise awareness about early detection and preventive lifestyle measures but also celebrate the transformative power of technology in the fight against cancer. It is essential to recognize that early detection can be lifesaving, and by leveraging technological advancements, we can ensure timely interventions that can significantly improve patient outcomes.”