Mandaviya unveils ‘India’s Vaccine Growth Story’ at Works Book Fair

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Union health minister Mansukh Mandaviya on Saturday released the book ‘India’s Vaccine Growth Story – From Cowpox to Vaccine Maitri’ authored by Sajjan Singh Yadav, Additional Secretary, Govt of India at the World Book fair.

The book elaborates on India’s impressive achievement in developing, producing and distributing COVID-19 vaccines.

Speaking on the occasion, Mandaviya said, “India administered 2.2 billion doses as a part of the world’s largest COVID vaccination drive without any shortages across the nation resulted in saving 3.4 million lives.”  The Minister also highlighted that when other countries were struggling with vaccine hesitancy, India set an exemplary pro-vaccination Covid management model.

“It gives me immense pleasure to see research, manufacturing and vaccine drive has been portrayed in comprehensive fashion that recounts not just the pandemic crisis but also delves into vaccine history, that can be traced 2500 years back”, Mandaviya added.

The Health Minister urged writers to come to fore stating that “Research-based documentation is a medium that can bring to light India’s heritage, illustrating to the world possibilities and solutions, as India’s Covid-19 trajectory has done, leaning on our traditional roots and heritage”. He further elaborated “our heritage reflects our knowledge and science that have stood the test of time, and proven exemplary in times of crisis”.

The Health Minister encouraged writers to inculcate research-based documentation that would lend a voice to India’s treasure of traditions and heritage that lay dormant and forgotten, and bring them to light.

The book entitled ‘India’s Vaccine Growth Story- From Cowpox to Vaccine Maitri’ elaborates World’s largest vaccination drive for COVID-19 conducted by India. The author has also delved upon future challenges that may emerge for vaccinology and new vistas for the growth of Indian vaccine industry in a candid manner. It also digs deep into India’s impressive achievement in developing, producing and distributing COVID-19 vaccines.