‘Happiness comes from inside, look inward to search solace’

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A common understanding associated with the most-sought word ‘Happiness’ is that it is a ‘state of mind’. Although, the word can mean in a variety of way to the ranges of people like subjective state of joy, wellbeing or satisfaction.

However, an important question being the state of the mind is the factor on which it depends. The happiness is an INTERNAL PHENOMENON, which may be generated by inside at any-time at anyplace in any situation. We are the creator of happiness.

We should look for the happiness where it is actually available, and this search only ends when we look for it inside only.

One common unawareness about the fact is that the happiness is a feeling comes from inside and independent of the outer situation. It means one can stay happy forever in any situation.

The second type of unawareness is that of our existence which in turn give the birth to the questions such as Who are we? The fear of death and impermanence.

Our spiritual belief says we are the souls which are permanent and immortal and the soul possess qualities of purity, powerful, happiness and lovable. We have given this costume of human being to play a particular role with a validity of specific time.

The concept of Karmic account is also forgotten.

Karma is “what goes around comes around”. It may come anytime and in any shape. There is a misconception with the stress, however, fact is that whenever you treat any challenge as stress your body will start releasing bad chemicals which are not good for your body and mind and if you treat that challenge as opportunity and keep calm and compose while planning the alternatives then it will release the chemicals which are good for the body and mind.

Recently I have discovered one more point EGO which we can say is EDGING GOD OUT which means we sometimes forget that we are immortal souls with mortal human bodies, with limited knowledge and there is some higher power which is maintaining the balance of this nature. So we stop listening and understanding the person in front of us. We start believing that our ideas and thoughts are best and get attached to the thoughts in such a way that it hurts when anybody negates them or add something to it. In such situation we need to listen calmly to other person or persons and reach at a win-win situation which leads to a larger good.

Some people take Failure as the cause of Unhappiness and we have been taught from the very beginning that participation doesn’t matter , the only thing that matter is wining but it should not be like that- according to me when you participate in an event or race you want to be a part of that race , you do it for Fun , for Yourself, For thrill, For excitement and with the spirit of sportsmanship or for the sake professionalism and not solely for winning.

Biological set points: It is called so as these are determined by hereditary factor. In this there are always two perspectives to look into a situation or problem that is one can see problem as threat and the other person can see it as an opportunity.

The benefit of seeing a situation as opportunity is that one can go towards it with all the positive vibrations so at the very initial stage the quality of thoughts created gives boost to the energy and it hardly matters whether the result is good or not so good whereas all the negative vibrations are created if we see the situation as threat and the wastage of energy in the process itself is so high that you won’t be able to feel happiness even if the result is good. So the positive attitude is must.

Meditation : Second method is related to our inner strength. It is scientifically  proved that during meditation the chemicals which are generated tends to give you feeling of relaxation , easiness and peace. Meditation is nothing but a simple way to look into our quality of thoughts which are flowing through our mind. It helps us in looking deep inside us. Stability is one of the outcomes of the meditation.

Cognitive therapy: The wrong belief systems cannot be corrected till we come to know that they are wrong. So according to this therapy first we have to see and analyze the belief systems prevalent in this world and then replace it with right beliefs and then only we can start working in that direction.

By: Vaishali Wadhwa (AGM, Punjab Bhawan Delhi)