Ensure children wear full sleeves: Bhardwaj directs Education dept & MCD after spike in Dengue cases

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Amid the rise in the dengue cases in the capital city, Delhi health department has directed the Education department and Civic body to ensure that children wear full sleeves dress while coming to the schools. The city reported a total 39 dengue cases in the last one week.

Health Minister Saurabh Bharawaj has directed the Directorate of Education and Municipal Corporation of Delhi to take targeted action to safeguard children from vector borne diseases and has directed the both department to inform all the schools managed by them to ensure full sleeves clothing and full sleeves uniform to be worn by the students to prevent mosquito bites and possible vector borne diseases. 

A total of 163 dengue cases have been reported till July 15 this year, as compared to the same period in 2022 and 2021 when 158 and 40 cases respectively were reported.

“39 dengue cases were reported in the last one week alone taking the dengue tally to 163 till 15.07.2023 which is significantly higher than the number of dengue cases reported in 2020 & 2021 during the corresponding period. In view of the early onset of monsoon this year and waterlogging in Delhi, there are chances of significant increase in the number of dengue cases this year. Therefore, all necessary preventive measures are required to be implemented at the earliest”, notice to the Education Department and Civic body reads.

It said further that Aedes aegypti mosquito, the vector for dengue virus, is generally active during day time and commonly bites on ankles and elbows and the fact that the incidence of acute dengue fever is higher in children, hence, the clothing worn by the school going children should be such that both their upper and lower limbs are covered and unexposed.

“You are requested to ensure that immediate directions are issued to all schools run by Municipal Corporation of Delhi to either allow the students to wear school uniform comprising of full sleeves shirt/blouse & trouser/skirts with slacks, if available or allow the students to wear mufti comprising of full sleeves shirt / blouse & trouser/slacks, if necessary”, the notice said.