Doctor removes ovarian tumor weighting 22 kgs through laparotomy

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A 39-year-old woman was given a new lease of life at a city hospital after doctors removed an ovarian tumor weighing 22 kgs through laparotomy with right cystectomy adhesiolysis. The patient was admitted to the hospital with difficulty in breathing and walking. 

Upon investigation through ultrasound and CT scans, the doctor found a large tumour of the size of 22 x 26 cms ovarian cyst with more than 10 litres of fluid. However, the doctor said that the actual tumour was larger than what appeared in the ultrasound report. 

Dr Eram Khan, Gynecologist, who removed the tumour at Alshifa Multi-speciality hospital, said that the patient was not able to walk smoothly and was facing difficulty in breathing and even the digestive system was not working properly when she visited the hospital. “After visiting many other hospitals, the patient came here as she was unable to bear the cost of treatment in other private hospitals. She was admitted here with the complaint of pain in abdomen, weakness and protruding abdomen”, said Dr Khan.

“After undertaking the proper investigation of the patient, we did the ultrasound and CT scans and found a 22 x 26 cms ovarian cyst with over 10 litres of fluid. We took her up for laparotomy surgery. After the surgery, a 50 x 30 cm right ovarian cyst of 22 kgs in weight and 140 cms in circumference was removed with great difficulty”, Dr Khan said.

Talking about the challenges in such rare surgery, Dr Khan said that there were two important tasks while doing the surgery- one was to take out such a big cyst without rupturing its contents into the peritoneum and to save all the organs to which the cyst was adhered.

She said that it was the biggest tumour she has removed. The previous record of removing a 16 cm fibroid, 20 cm ovarian cyst of 3 kg ovarian cyst is also to her credit. The patient was discharged after three days from the hospital and is doing well now, said Dr Khan.