AIIMS to streamline medical, surgical adult emergency services for faster turnover of patients

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In an effort to address the challenges posed by the high volume of patients seeking emergency care and to ensure prompt and quality medical attention, Delhi AIIMS has planned to enhance coordination between various departments to facilitate a faster turnover of patients.

AIIMS New Delhi’s main emergency department plays a crucial role in providing care to over 400 patients daily, equivalent to almost one patient every three minutes, AIIMS Director Dr M Srinivas said. However, the daily discharge rate from various inpatient wards averages around 250 patients, creating an imbalance between patient inflow and outflow. Additionally, some patients receive planned admissions through the Outpatient Department (OPD) with appointments scheduled years in advance.

“This continuous influx of patients often results in a shortage of beds within the emergency department, leading to extended waiting times or referrals to other nearby hospitals,” Srinivas said. To address the issue and streamline the emergency services at AIIMS New Delhi, a comprehensive coordination effort among all clinical departments has been initiated.

While the Department of Emergency Medicine currently manages the three zones of the main emergency, there has been a growing consensus among all stakeholders for the establishment of an overarching coordination mechanism among various departments, which will facilitate a faster turnover of patients in the main emergency and enhance the overall management of patient care services.

As part of this strategic initiative, Dr Rakesh Yadav, Professor of Cardiology, has been designated as the professor in charge of emergency services. He will serve as the focal point for managing and coordinating emergency services at AIIMS New Delhi.