AIIMS Delhi takes measures to reduce noise and dust pollution inside hospital premises

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All India Institute of Medical Sciences has issued an office memorandum to restrict marble cutting, wood cutting, grinding, and other construction repair and renovation activities to a specific site in trauma centre.  

The hospital has designated a Engineering Yard and would be set up by July 31st 2023. All work related to repair renovation will be done in Engineering Yard and transported to the construction site in a knockdown state for final assembly and installation.

The engineering yard will be constructed as an all-weather facility with proper ventilation and will be equipped with basic amenities like drinking water and toilet facility. The engineering department will ensure regular maintenance of the space, and if required, provisions for water and electricity will be made to facilitate the construction activities.

The director has also issued instructions that all repair and renovation work should be completed within 15 days. As per the memorandum, the contractors will be encouraged to utilize modern tools, technology, and methods to expedite the construction process while minimizing dust and noise pollution. Strict adherence to safety protocols, including proper cordoning off of the engineering site and the implementation of measures to ensure the safety of staff, the public, and workers, will be mandatory.