Nearly 4000 Covid19 deaths per day, are we really Corona-aware?

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With rising case of Covi19, India has again occupied the third worst-hit nation across the world. US tops the list with Brazil on second and India on third position. But, surprisingly, Brazil contributes nearly one –quarter of entire world’s daily covid19 death. Health Experts are continuously warning of that the nation is on the verge of even greater calamity.

Brazil’s seven-day average of deaths of 2,400 deaths stands to reach to 3,000 within weeks. Brazil has even seen the worst level seen by the US, though Brazil has two-thirds its population.

Brazil is again considering about total lockdown. Brazil is suffering with lack of beds and healthcare system. For the first time, new daily cases topped 100,000 on March 25, with many more uncounted.

Coming to India, Health Ministry on Sunday said that more than 24 crore tests for coronavirus have been conducted across the nation. The cumulative Positivity Rate remained below 5 per cent, the Health Ministry added. Concerns for the state of Maharashtra increased as it recorded the highest positivity rate among all the states. Maharashtra recorded a 22.78 per cent positivity rate. India reported 62,714 new cases of coronavirus infections on Saturday.