Why second wave of COVID19 in India has sparked global concerns despite vaccine

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India's covid vaccine

Hence the attention was shifted on Corona vaccine, leaving the preventive measure behind.

India along with other worst-hit covid19 nations across the globe months-ago started believing that the peak of pandemic has gone now. Hence the attention was shifted on Corona vaccine, leaving the preventive measure behind.

Across the globe, immunization drive was on peak to save the nationals from infection. In between, India developed the home-made vaccine and Union Government got involved in vaccination drive. The whole world was looking at India’s vaccination drive. However, the sudden rise of Covid case has made us think that the peak is not over yet.

In response to that, India imported covid19 vaccine to various nations and neighborhood countries. By the mid-march, India had exported over twice the number of doses it had administered at home.

But, by mid-march whole scene changed suddenly. India experienced the sudden spark of COVID19 case. Even, the daily-mark of new corona cases breached the last mark. The daily infection rate, that was on a steady decline, took a reverse turn, almost with a vengeance.

Along with ongoing assembly election in many states, the Union government came under pressure over vaccine exports. Union heath minister Harsh Vardhan made a statement in Parliament that vaccines are not being exported at the expense of Indians.

 All major exports of the AstraZeneca vaccine, being manufactured by Pune’s Serum Institute, were put on hold. The ripples were felt worldwide, as over 180 counties were to receive the drug through WHO’s Covax vaccine sharing, and India was a major supplier.

Only last week, the European Union asked India to allow it to buy 10 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine from Serum Institute to offset supply shortfall from European plants.

The world’s dependence on India for the vaccine can be gauged from the fact that a total of 84 countries have so far received India-made vaccines, either through grant, commercial purchase or via WHO’s Covax program.

However, the government has allowed the entire population over 45 years now eligible for vaccine, the domestic demand is expected to see an exponential surge.

But, the major question remains unanswered that despite high-level vaccination drive, why India is seeing such spark in Covid case? This sudden rise in the case has put the question across the globe about the Covid Vaccine and Covid19?