Senior paediatrician and key member in developing two Indian public health vaccine joins Patna AIIMS: A doctor from Bihar to Bihar

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Among the best minds of India behind this success includes a doctor from Bihar Dr. Chandra Mohan.

Under 5 mortality rates in India has seen a significant improvement from 126 per 1000 live births in 1990, 83.1 in 2000 to now 36.6 per 1000 live births. In term of absolute numbers from more than 1 million deaths at the start of the Millenium to less than 5 lakhs achieved in 2018 which has further gone down very quickly. Among the most important factors achieving this are vaccinations against Rotavirus Diarrhea and Pneumonia, the top killers of under 5 children. India has achieved success in developing these important vaccines fully in India. From concept to successful clinical trials leading to licensure and WHO Prequalifications, these vaccines are Indian success stories which makes every Indian proud. Dr Chandra Mohan as Principal Investigator for Delhi site for both these vaccines was an important member of that team.

A son of a retired judge from West Champaran, Dr Chandra Mohan did his early schooling from his home-town. He has been a bright student of Netarhat Vidyalaya and Patna Science College. He studied MBBS in Calcutta National Medical College and later did MD and specialized as Pediatrician.

He has a wide range of experience working as a child specialist in Indian Railways. Because of his inbuilt inclination towards academic pursuit and research, he opted for a teaching career in medical colleges.  Over last two decades, he has served and taught Pediatrics in UP, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Haryana and Delhi.

After serving humanity in different roles across the nation, Dr Chandra Mohan has joined Patna AIIMS as Additional Professor, Paediatrics to serve the children of native state Bihar. We wish good luck to Dr. Chandra Mohan.