Tips to make sex more enjoyable and less painful this valentine

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valentine day

Here we have listed some steps which can turn of personal moments into remember-to-enjoy moments.

A pinch of discomfort while having sex can make all your enjoyable moments into painful memories.  Understanding and respecting the sentiments of partners is the first step towards having great enjoy. There are many things which can make and mar the enjoyable moment. Here we have listed some steps which can turn of personal moments into remember-to-enjoy moments. But also, major point is that if you feel pain continuously, you must reach out to doctors. Apart from that there are a few other things that you can do which will help improve the pain and make sex comfortable for you two.

Communication:  Sometimes, you don’t understand that your partner is whether in pain or enjoy, so having communication with partner is an important step ahead. But if you are experiencing pain with sexual activity with your partner, help each other to approach the problem together.

Lubricate:  Using lubricant during sex is not crime. Using a quality lubricant will help reduce pain significantly. A water-based lubricant has a really good success than other options available.

Try a different position:  If you’re stuck with just one comfortable sex position that ends up giving you pain, you must try some other position. Use pillows to make use of them if feeling pain in back.

Foreplay: It is an important but most forgotten thing during sex in India. Giving ample time on foreplay makes partners mentally ready for intercourse. Arousal is very essential as there will be more natural lubrication and overall body relaxation that helps improve the whole sexual experience.

Ask for help: Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help. Having difficulties during sex is something prevalent and if you and your partner aren’t able to find a solution for it, you might as well talk to an expert