Maximum mis-governance and federal structural lapses called for pandemic devastation in India

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The maximum mis-governance supported by the lapses of federal structures single-handedly invited this pandemic devastation in India.  

Since the beginning of this pandemic, India reported the highest number – 3,645 – deaths as per the data of Health Ministry on Thursday. While the infection rate is daily climbing a new height, we have crossed 4 lakhs per day.

Let’s concentrate on a bigger question, leaving the daily COVID19 equation behind, the root-cause of unwanted human sufferings which could be avoided by our political masters. The failure of governance is not the subject which could be ignored and be hidden behind the corpses of lakhs of Indians.

Mis-governance supported by lapses of federal structures

The maximum mis-governance supported by the lapses of federal structures single-handedly invited this pandemic devastation in India.  Down the memory lane of a span of 15 months when this pandemic knocked India, the beforehand preparation of Union Government to handle the COVID pandemic without harassing the citizen equates with nothing more than zero. The Union Government came with a plan of nation-wide lock down to break the chain of COVID19 that proved more fatal on economic front for India. The excruciating scenes on National Highways of India were just a blot on world’s largest democracy.

Arguing Baseless Nation-Wide Lock Down

Arguing that lock down was necessary for the preparation to handle the health emergency, the question still haunts where are those preparations now? And most importantly, why those preparations have failed today in handling the health crisis.

Is Indian Government considering any legal frame work that can enable the government to handle any future pandemics in more efficient ways without troubling citizens?

Loopholes in Handling Federal Structure

All State Governments are mandated under Section 14 of the act to establish a State Disaster Management Authority with the Chief Minister of the State under Disaster  Let’s be very frank in identifying the states’ action undertaken under this act to ensure the hassle-free handling of pandemics. Of course not, and the reason certainly goes to the lapses in our federal structure and mishandling of this whole exercise.

Eight phase Election and COVID19 Explode

India has reported fastest COVID19 growth while Assembly Elections have been held in five states. Taking example of eight-phase Bengal Assembly Election, a week before the first phase of polling on March 20, West Bengal had just 3,380 active Covid-19 cases. By the time the state voted during its seventh phase, total 94,949 active cases were reported in state which is an increase of 28 times. In the same period, new cases per day went up from only 383 to 15,992, an increase of more than 40 times. Surprisingly, our political masters were busy in handling this longest assembly election, when Indians were battling for oxygen in hospitals.

The future will underline this pandemic as the failure of Governance or being polite, will call it ‘the maximum misgovernance’.