India’s Omicron tally crosses 3000, Maharashtra nears thousand

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In last 24 hrs, India has registered 377 new cases highly transmissible Covid variant Omicron, pushing the national tally at 3007. Of total, 1199 people have recovered from the new strain nationwide so far, said Union health ministry on Friday morning.
As per the health ministry, the Omicron infection has spread into 27 States and UTs so far. However, Maharashtra and Delhi continue to be the worst-hit states with this new variant.

With 79 new Omicron cases detected in last 24 hrs, Maharashtra continues to be top worst hit at 876 among the states and UTs that have reported the Omicron infection so far. Of them, 381 patients have been discharged as per the health ministry data. The national capital Delhi continues with 465 Omicron cases with 57 recovered from infection so far.

Delhi is followed by Karnataka which have reported 99 Omicron cases in last 24 hrs, pushing the tally at 333. Rajasthan has so far detected 291 cases of this varaint.
Among other states, Kerala has reported 50 new Omicron cases in last 24 hrs, pushing the tally at 284. Gujarat and Tamil Nadu continue 204 and 121 cases of this varaint respectively.

Haryana’s Omicron tally has climbed to 114 with 43 new cases, while Telangana’s tally has reached at 107. Odisha and Uttar Pradesh continue with 60 and 31 Omicron cases so far. Andhra Pradesh also continues with 28 cases while cases have risen to 27 in West Bengal. Goa has reported 14 new Omicron cases at 19 so far.