Delhi government fixes RT-PCR, RAT Covid tests price for private labs

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Delhi government on Thursday fixed the price for RTPCR and rapid antigen test for Covid infection at the private labs.
The maximum price for the RT-PCR COVID-19 tests at private laboratories have been fixed between Rs 300 and 500 for RT-PCR samples collected from home, the state health department said in a notification. 

The price for ‘conventional RT PCR Test wherein samples are collected by Govt. teams from the collection sites by Private sector Labs as requisitioned by the Districts Hospitals’ has been capped at 200 inclusive of all taxes. 

The conventional RT PCR Test wherein samples are collected by Private lab teams for Government and processed further at their lab will cost rs 300 per sample, said the order.

For RT-PCR tests wherein individual gives samples at labs for paid testing at their expenses, the price has been fixed at ₹300. The prices for RT-PCR tests where samples are collected through home visits have been fixed at ₹500.

However, the rapid antigen tests (RAT) will be done at ₹100, as per the order.