Really experimental Drug Trial removes cancer entirely? Indian expert refuses 

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As per a news report, a small group of cancer patients experienced a miraculous escape from the dreadful disease in the course of an experiment.Reportedly, a group of 18 people were administered a drug called Dostarlimab for six months and it was seen that the tumors had disappeared. These patients were having rectal cancer.

However,  Dr Abhishek Shankar, associate professor of radiation oncology, Patna AIIMS, says that story is not complete true.
“This is path breaking research but conclusion by Indian media is not up to the mark. You can get to read all stories related to complete cure of cancer with the use of Dostarlimab which is not true”, said Dr Shankar.
Making headlines is very very easy to grab readers attention but it is disturbing to see that many people have started running posts to pillars to procure this drug for their near and dear one, he said Medlarge.
Summary of this phase 2 trial as per Dr Shanar:1. Drug used: Dostarlimab 2. Used for : Stage 2/3 Rectal Cancer Locally advanced3. subset of Patient: Mismatch repair deficient ( only 5-10% of Rectal Cancer)4. Number of patient: 145. Schedule: Every 3 weekly for 6 months (9 cycles) 5. Outcome: Complete Clinical Response in all at 6 months, few at 3 months 
Author conclusion: Needs multicentric trial with longer follow up with end points as Overall survival and Disease Free Survival. 
Radiation oncologist Dr Shankar warns that 
don’t start running for this drug for the cure of all cancer cases as this is just an observation of phase 2 study on mismatch repair deficient locally advanced rectal cancer with Dostarlimab, not for all cancer types. This is just a research finding of Phase 2 study and not the final word of recommendation, he said.

“We have to wait for the status of cure.. they have found complete response in all the rectal cancer patient with a monoclonal antibodies Dostarlimab. These drug was approved for endometrial cancer. Headline is not up to the mark.. they must have used rectal cancer”, Dr Shankar told Medlarge.