A Doctor at work : Saving life and humanity is the only purpose

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Dr AP Singh

Senior Physician of Yashoda Super Specialty Hospital,Kaushambi,Ghaziabad Dr. AP Singh sets an example

Senior Physician of Yashoda Super Specialty Hospital,Kaushambi,Ghaziabad Dr. AP Singh sets an example in the medical field at the time of Second wave of Covid-19.

Senior Physician Dr. AP Singh is engaged in the treatment of the patients of Covid-19 by risking his life and following a very difficult routine.

Waking up at 6:30 am every day, he leaves from the house for the treatment of more than 70 admitted patients undergoing treatment in Yashoda Hospital Kaushambi. He takes his breakfasts in the car. Dr Singh visits each patient two times in morning and evening without any miss to get the updates of his patients, he himself goes to each patient wearing a PPE kit and after listening to their problems, write their medicines and other necessary tests and counsels them accordingly. He gives hope to every patient and encourages to keep them patience, faith and confidence that they will recover fully.

He usually stays in a PPE kit for 6 hours a day. In his busy schedule, he gives 2 hours online video consultation to patients of his relatives and friends. Dr. AP Singh says that it is his social and family responsibility which he performs well and does not run away.

After leaving the hospital, he goes to his clinic in afternoon for such patients who do not want to come to the hospital due to fear of Covid-19 positive patients admitted in the hospital, he gives consultation in Deep Clinic located in Vaishali Sector 2 and can hardly make time for lunch. He usually takes his lunch at 6:00 pm or sometimes even he misses his lunch.
After seeing the patients of the clinics, again from 3:00 pm, he takes the round of the hospital again and collects updates from the patients admitted in Covid-19 ward and ICU.

Dr. AP Singh had a corona infection twice in the first wave of Covid-19 and was also admitted in the ICU for a long time, so his family forced him to stop consulting and visiting Covid-19 patients in the second wave of Covid-19. They tried hard to stop him to stay away from Covid-19 patients, but realizing the responsibility of his medical profession and diligently performing it to save the lives of the people, he did not listen to the family and he continued to treat Covid-19 patients. Dr AP Singh says that he also keeps on getting his Covid-19 test done every 15 days and yet, by the grace of God, he has not got the infection in this second wave.

Dr. AP Singh wants to give a message to the patients and the general public that the second wave is lowering down somehow but for the third wave we should be prepared and do not think that the second wave has subsided and now we can put our guards off and now we can take off the masks and end the social distancing. He requests not to do so and says that we should be ready for the third wave and adopt all the methods to prevent from Covid-19 and we should follow Covid Appropriate Behaviour.

He adds that anxiety, fear and nervousness is making this disease worse in recovery of the patients so if rather than fearing if we take the correct treatment, counseling and meets our doctor regularly then it can help in early recovery. A good diet as per the advise of treating doctor and dietician can also help in good recovery.

Many myths are prevalent in the society about the Covid 19, he requests to avoid them.