AIIMS helps mountaineer recover from adversity

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mountaineer Anurag Maloo

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences on Wednesday said that mountaineer Anurag Maloo who sustained a fall from an altitude of approximately 70 meters in subzero temperatures into a deep crevasse during his expedition on Mount Annapurna in Nepal has actively regaining his strength under the rehabilitative care.

Mr Maloo faced an unimaginable ordeal during his expedition on Mount Annapurna in Nepal on April 17, 2023. He sustained a fall in subzero temperatures into a deep crevasse and was subsequently rescued after three days and initially managed in Nepal.

The mountaineer was airlifted to AlIMS on 11 May was admitted under the Department of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. His injuries included a severe frostbite on both hands, gangrenous thumbs, multiple affected fingers, gangrenous toes on both feet, as well as extensive cold induced deep burns on his trunk. Additionally, he suffered from subclavian artery blockage on the right side and multiple deep venous blockages in one lower limb. His condition was further complicated by acute kidney injury and pleural effusion with infected wounds.

“Under expert multidisciplinary care, Mr. Maloo’s 174 days’ journey towards recovery commenced with a series of numerous reconstructive surgeries and comprehensive medical interventions”, said the hospital. He underwent seven surgeries for infection control and later reconstructive surgery for his wounds by skin grafting. He was being managed by a multidisciplinary team involving following specialities – Plastic Surgery, Critical Care, Anaesthesiology, Cardiology, Nephology, Trauma Surgery, ENT, Psychiatry, and Urology, added the hospital in a statement.

The hospital said that Mr. Maloo’s wounds have healed and he is actively regaining his strength under rehabilitative care. A team of reconstructive surgeons including Dr. Suvashis Dash, Assistant Professor, under the leadership of Prof. Maneesh Singhal, HOD Plastic Surgery, played a crucial role in conducting the intricate surgical procedures that were necessary for Mr. Maloo’s recovery, said the hospital.