AIIMS starts free insulin distribution services

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On the occasion of World Diabetes Day on Tuesday, the All India Institute of Medical sciences, New Delhi, started free insulin distribution services for poor patients suffering from diabetes.

  The hospital said that all those patients who are prescribed insulin from any OPD of AIIMS will get the free insulin vials. The hospital has also opened two new counters to provide the insulin which will work from 9 am to 5 pm every day. The hospital said that these insulin distribution counters will also provide written advice in both Hindi and English that will be given to all patients at the time of distribution for safe transport and storage of insulin vials. For those patients who are likely to travel long distances, frozen ice packs will be provided to safely carry insulin vials at the recommended temperature. “Insulin vials will be issued for treatment duration of one month at the beginning that may be increased to 2-3 months in the future”, AIIMS said.