Over 9% suffer hearing disability in country: AIIMS

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All India Institute of Medical Sciences has said that around 9 per cent of total population with hearing disability in India. In a survey conducted by the AIIMS at six centers in the country, total 9.1% person has hearing problems which create major issues in their lives.

Dr Alok Thakkar, HoD, Department of ENT, AIIMS, said this is the world’s largest hearing survey where we found that 9.1 per cent of people have hearing problems in the country. He added that out of total surveyed people, around 3.2 percent of people have serious hearing people which is affecting their lives who cannot hear and understand at all.

Dr Thakkar also said that there is a trend that elderly people also have also hearing disability. “We have created valves in collaboration with IIT for the hard of hearing. This technology will be a boon for people who need to have their voice box removed or have their vocal cords removed due to some medical condition. For this, we conducted tests on 20 people”, he said.

“Delhi’s AIIMS in collaboration with IIT have created a device through which the patient will be able to speak with the help of the device even in case the vocal cord is removed. The cost of such a device already present in the world is around Rs 40 thousand and it needs to be replaced every six-seven months. The price of this device made in India will be within Rs 2000”, said AIIMS.