Marengo Asia Hospitals pacts with Mongolia hospital for Center of Excellence for Cardiac Sciences

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Clinical Corridors

Marengo Asia Hospital, India has entered into a multi-year agreement with Intermed Hospital, Mongolia under the concept of ‘Clinical Corridors’ to establish the first-ever comprehensive Cardiac Sciences Center of Excellence in Mongolia. The ground-breaking initiative is aimed at offering advanced treatments for cardiac health to the population of Mongolia, leveraging the pivotal role and expertise of the Marengo CIMS Cardiac Sciences team across various aspects of CoE collaboration. This pioneering endeavor is a significant milestone for Marengo Asia Hospitals and will be spearheaded by Dr Raajiv Singhal, Managing Director & Group CEO, Marengo Asia Hospitals. Marengo CIMS Hospital, three times JCI accredited and the distinction of endorsement by the American College of Cardiology, will develop the blueprint for the Center of Excellence led by Dr Anish Chandarana, Chief Cardiologist, and Dr Dhiren Shah, Chief Cardiac & Heart Transplant Surgeon from Marengo CIMS Hospital. This collaboration was mediated by GlobalCare Consulting.

Intermed Hospital was established as a part of a social responsibility approach by the largest national business groups MCS Group, Shunkhlai Group, and Energy Resources LLC, and serves as a modern hospital facility and the only hospital with JCI accreditation in the country. The hospital has planned an expansion project to increase hospital capacity to be completed by 2024 enabling them to serve over 15,000 inpatient admissions and over half a million outpatients annually.

Dr Raajiv Singhal, Managing Director & Group CEO, Marengo Asia Hospitals says, “Every life matter, every minute counts. Marengo Asia Hospitals is committed to elevating Intermed Hospital into a premier Cardiac Sciences Comprehensive Center of Excellence in Mongolia. This aims to provide the Mongolian population access to a wide range of surgeries including Angioplasties, Valve surgeries, EP Procedures, Triple Vessel to CABG surgeries, TAVI, and heart transplant surgeries. Marengo Asia Hospitals prioritizes the three Ts: Teach, Train, and Treat aligning its commitment with partner hospitals to enhance cardiac care proficiency through training initiatives and interdisciplinary collaboration.”

Under this collaboration, Marengo Asia Hospitals will conduct comprehensive assessments and gap analysis at Intermed Hospital, facilitating training initiatives, manpower allocation, equipment procurement, and dissemination of protocols covering various cardiac conditions such as chest pain, STEMI, and quality matrix adherence. Ongoing support will be provided for performing complex cardiac cases, with specialized training facilitated at Marengo CIMS Hospital and joint workshops conducted at Intermed Hospital. Intermed Hospital will receive guidance on improving its commitment to quality enhancement and patient care. Marengo CIMS will also support COE blueprinting, training of the various clinical excellence teams, monitoring and adherence to the quality matrix, Chest Pain Pathways, and protocols meeting international benchmarks to bolster the super-specialization of the Department of Cardiac Sciences.

Mr. Nyamtogtokh Ya, Chief Executive Officer – Intermed Hospital, Mongolia says, “As Mongolia’s leading private hospital, Intermed Hospital is committed to addressing the most recognized health challenges, cardiovascular diseases, faced by our nation. We aim to develop a state-of-the-art Cardiology Center of Excellence as part of our mission to save lives and improve the health and well-being of the people of Mongolia. This Center will offer advanced treatments currently not widely available in our country. The partnership with Marengo Asia Hospital is a significant step towards realizing the vision of better healthcare. With their expertise in cardiac sciences, we will bring international standards of cardiac care to Mongolia, reducing the need for our citizens to seek treatment abroad. We are deeply committed to this cause and believe that our efforts will have a lasting impact on the health of our nation.”

Mr. Rajeev Taneja, MD & Founder of GlobalCare Consulting says, “GlobalCare Consulting specializes in expanding healthcare services internationally, building ‘medical corridors’. Mongolia sought to improve its healthcare excellence, and Global Care Consulting seamlessly facilitated this by identifying the need, conceptualizing the model, and building the bridge, with our healthcare partner, Marengo Asia Hospital, willing to lead this initiative in the country with Intermed Hospital. As Healthcare Consultants, it is a key milestone in our journey, to create a global ecosystem of healthcare services and we are proud to be associated with this initiative.”

Marengo Asia Hospitals will also assist Intermed Hospital in creating a specialized infrastructure optimized for delivering superior cardiac care services, with a focus on attaining international accreditation standards and organizing Continuing Medical Education sessions and Quality Conclaves. With a steadfast dedication to the concept of Clinical Corridors, Marengo Asia Hospitals is poised to contribute significantly to advanced healthcare services in cardiac sciences in Mongolia.