Know how to stay safe & prevent Dehydration, Heat Stroke during Heatwave

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As the relentless summer heat sets in, rising temperatures will soon bring with them the challenges of heat waves and severe hot winds. With the changing climate, it becomes crucial to adjust our daily routines so our bodies can adapt. Staying hydrated and protecting vital organs is essential during these times.

The increasing mercury not only escalates the prevalence of various illnesses but also poses the lethal risk of heat waves. Dehydration is a significant threat in scorching temperatures; often, one may not even realize when the body’s water and mineral levels suddenly drop. Such conditions can prove fatal, severely affecting heart function. Symptoms like fatigue, weakness, and fainting can occur as water and minerals in the body deplete.

How to Prevent Heat Stroke

To avoid heat stroke, it is vital to ensure that your body does not run low on water. Drink water or other fluids every two hours. Always carry a water bottle when going out, cover your head and protect your eyes with sunglasses in the sun. Consume plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Risks of Other Diseases in Summer

During summer, the number of bacteria that can cause infections increases significantly, heightening the risk of food poisoning. It is essential to maintain good hygiene, consume only fresh and clean food, and avoid street food or pre-cut fruits and juices that are not hygienically prepared. Apart from food poisoning, risks of diseases like typhoid and hepatitis also loom large. Be alert to symptoms like fever, vomiting, yellowish urine, and persistent fatigue, and consult a doctor if they arise.

Heart Health Issues

Extreme heat can have a severe impact on heart health. Dehydration thickens the blood, which in turn puts extra strain on the heart, potentially leading to life-threatening conditions. Therefore, it is crucial to stay hydrated and enjoy good health even in the summer months.

Disclaimer: This article is for information and awareness purposes only. Contact your nearest doctor for any medical issues.