AIIMS adds 63 new drugs to free medicines list

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The All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, has added 63 new drugs to the list of medicines being given to patients for free of cost. With the addition of new drugs, the list of free medicines has risen to 359 from the existing 296 drugs.

The move will benefit countless poor people, said AIIMS Director Dr M Srinivas.  Palbociclib, Dasatinib, Methotrexate, Trimazet, Magesterol Acetate and Leucovorin are among the medicines added to the list. Besides, injection regular insulin, injection NPH Insulin and injection Insulin Premix 30/70 will also be available free of cost.

“The Competent Authority has recently made the decision to expand the list of medicines available at Pharmacy from existing 296 medicines to 359. Total 63 medicines have been added to the existing list”, said the hospital.

Dr. Rima Dada, Professor in-charge of the Media Cell, said “The Pharmacy has been a beacon of hope for poor patients who require medications but face economic constraints. This initiative aligns perfectly with the government’s mission to make quality healthcare accessible to all.