After vaccine-maker admits side effects in Covishield, doctors’ body asks centre to compensate all victims

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After the Covishield vaccine maker AstraZeneca has accepted Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS) as a side effect in UK Courts, the Doctors’ body has urged center to compensate all the victims of Covid infwection.

“Compensate all the victims of Covid Vaccines including their family members, through a mechanism that involves Vaccine Manufacturers as well and establish Fast Track Courts and Vaccine Courts to provide swift justice to the vaccine injured and their families”, has asked Awaken India Movement (AIM).

It said that Awaken India Movement has been collecting details of Covid Vaccine deaths covered by media in India and sharing with various high authorities of the country, since 2021, when the vaccination began. “The Government has failed to respond to our repeated requests to investigate deaths and debilitation from adverse effects of vaccination. As per our efforts, the current tally stands at 19,273 deaths in the adult population and 186 deaths in Children. This figure could be much more”, it said.

The doctors’ body said that it is clear that the risks of these untested and experimental Covid vaccines are far more than the benefits they claim to provide. Conclusively, AIM urges the Government of India to implement active Surveillance and monitoring mechanism to ensure Vaccine Adverse Events are identified as early as possible. Early Treatment protocols must be created and widely publicised so that lives can be saved.  It has also urged to review science behind all covid vaccines and audit their commercialisation.

“All officials who have lied, misguided and coerced the Indian population into taking the Covid vaccines must be held accountable and criminally punished for causing widespread deaths and injuries on the citizens of India”, doctors’ body has asked.