Hernia awareness camp held at Safdarjung Hospital

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Prof Dr Vandana Talwar

Prof Dr Vandana Talwar, Medical Superintendent, Safdarjung Hospital, said that it is very important to come to the hospital early for treatment of Hernia case as late presentation may cause dangerous complications. Safdarjung Hospital has held public lecture on Hernia Awareness, causes, prevention and treatment with screening camp. Dr Talwar said that surgery is the only treatment for hernia.

Dr Talwar further appraised that all investigation and treatment in Safdarjung Hospital is free for Henia treatment. She said late presentation may cause dangerous complications, and surgery is the only treatment for hernia. Professor Dr Shivani B Paruthy appraised the public about how to diagnose hernia early and described an open and laproscopic approach to the treatment of hernia.

Professor Dr. Meghraj Kundan showed many videos of different types of hernia. Dr Kundan also appraised the public about measures to prevent hernia development as smoking, persistent cough, straining for urination, constipation, heavy weight lifting without precautions, and previous operations. These are the risk factors for the prevention of hernia.

This was organised under the agesis of Delhi State Chapter of Assocition of Surgeons of India and presided by the President DSC Dr PS Sarangi and Dr Ashish Dey Secretary DSC. Dr Sarangi gave public address on hernia, causing prevention, and emphasising early treatment to prevent complications. Dr Ashish Dey appraised the public about the complex hernias and laparoscopic treatment without any pain.

Many patients, nurses, and the public benefitted, and many patients came for screening of hernia in surgery OPD. Team of Surgery doctors screened the public and gave assurance to people having fear of hernia development in the future.