Delhi reports one case of JN.1, govt alerts hospitals

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As the Covid cases have started rising again in the country, Delhi govt has started preparation to handle any emergency situation. The capital city has also detected one case of new Covid sub variant JN.1.  However, the patient has now recovered and returned home from hospital.

Delhi’s Health Minister Saurabh Bharadwaj on Thursday visited Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital to assess the preparedness. The hospital has reserved 20 beds for COVID patients, but there hasn’t been a confirmed case in the hospital yet. Separate help desks have been set up for COVID patients, along with a dedicated testing centre in the hospital.

Speaking on the preparation, Mr Bhardwaj said that a separate ward has been set up for COVID patients, with approximately 20 beds have been kept with all necessary facilities to address the issues. “Currently, the entire ward is empty as there hasn’t been any confirmed case of a COVID patient in the hospital yet. However, continuous screening of patients with COVID-related symptoms is ongoing. As soon as any COVID-related patient is confirmed, they will be immediately admitted and treatment will commence”, Mr Bhardwaj said.

He said that there has been confirmation of only one patient with the JN.1 variant so far.  The patient was admitted to a nearby hospital after confirmation. “The patient has now recovered and returned home. Although this variant is considered less dangerous than the previous ones, it’s crucial not to be negligent.”

“Although there isn’t any alarming situation in Delhi at the moment, as a precautionary measure, instructions have been given to all hospitals to ensure readiness. This is to handle any emergencies more effectively in the future. Directives have been given to all hospitals to maintain their preparedness,” the minister stated.