Reserve beds in hospital for Dengue: Delhi Govt

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Taking cognizance of rise in the vector-borne disease (VBD) cases especially dengue in the capital city, the Delhi Government has asked all the hospitals to reserve 10-15 per cent of their hospital beds for the VBD patients. 

As per the report, Delhi witnessed a sharp rise in the Dengue cases in the last week. In the last month of September, the city reported highest number of 693 new dengue cases as per data. So far, the city has reported total 937 cases of vector-borne disease in this year. Meanwhile, no death due to Dengue has been reported till this year.

The government has asked the hospitals or nursing homes to ensure that no patient suffering from Dengue fever or any other VBD is denied admission on account of lack of beds in the hospital. The latest order issued by the government’s health department also states that all the government and private hospitals that have beds reserved for admitting COVID-19 patients, should use those beds for dengue or VBD patients if lying vacant. 

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia who also holds the portfolio of Health Minister currently, said, “Present weather conditions are the peak transmission period for VBD like dengue. Cases have seen a sharp rise in the last two weeks but there is no need to panic as all the arrangements have been set in place to provide treatment to patients at hospitals. The government has put all the hospitals across the national capital on alert and is keeping an eye on the whole situation. Hospitals have been directed to reserve 10-15% of their beds for VBD patients and ensure that no patient is denied admission due to lack of beds.” 

Sisodia said that currently approximately 8800 hospital beds have been reserved in all hospitals including central government, Delhi government and private hospitals for COVID-19 cases, of which the occupancy is less than 1per cent since the last 3-4 weeks. The government has also advised hospitals to use these beds for accommodating VBD patients. 

“Last year, Delhi faced a tough time due to a rise in dengue cases during the months of August to November but the hospitals tackled the cases diligently. Following the situation faced last year, all the hospitals and local bodies have been sent the communication to take necessary actions for preparedness to deal with vector-borne disease cases”, Deputy CM Sisodia said.