Restaurant’s buffet binge offer snatches life away

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A 36-year-old man who visited a restaurant with friends where the menu provided all-you-can-eat barbecue, sushi, side dishes, rice, and noodles within a time limit of 90 min, died for excessive food consumption.

He ate 2–3 large-servings of barbecue, 2 large servings of sushi, curry and rice, fried chicken and potato, dessert, and carbonated drinks, among other items.

A Twitter user @autopsy_surgeon posted, “He reported feeling sick toward the end of the 90 min and laid down. After he left the restaurant, he complained of feeling ill, although he did not vomit. The patient was admitted in the hospital and he died approximately 5 hours after hospital admission despite receiving treatment. Body was sent for autopsy examination”.

On autopsy, no external injury was observed, and no odor of any abnormal gas was identified upon performing an abdominal incision. The stomach was severely distended and contained 1000 mL of black liquid with undigested corn, cabbage, sprouts, and rice, among other substances.

Haemorrhage was observed throughout the gastric mucosa. The duodenal mucosa was edematous and erythematous, but no mucosal abnormalities were identified in the small and large intestines.

After histopathological and toxicological analysis final cause of death was given as extensive gastric necrosis secondary to acute gastric dilatation.