Health scientists or pursuing PhD at AIIMS protesting

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Over thousand health scientists involved in various research projects or pursuing PhD at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences are protesting against the hospital proposal to confine the number of years one can be employed at projects at the medical institute.

“The proposed guidelines cap the number of projects a researchers can take up to two, which they alleged was the administration’s way of phasing out the research employees working in various projects”, said a PhD researcher of Society of Young Scientists. He added that they met AIIMS director on Tuesday with their demands. The hospital administration has asked for one-day time to consider the demand. 

In a letter to the director of the AIIMS, the SYS said it is “horrifically unpropitious”

to prevent the researchers who have decided to devote years of their professional life not only to the scientific domain but to this specific institution, thereby promoting AIIMS-New Delhi on a global platform, from continuing their research at the institution merely because the policymakers feel it is time to introduce new rules that make pursuing a career in science in this country even more taxing than it already is.

The health scientists are peacefully opposing the proposed rules and has warned of intensifying the agitation if their demands are not met.