First Bone Marrow Transplant undergoes at BMT Unit of Safdarjung Hospital

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The first successful Bone Marrow Transplant was conducted on Monday in the BMT Unit of Safdarjung Hospital.

The BMT Unit incharge Dr Kaushal Kalra said that a 45 year old female with Multiple Myeloma underwent the Process of Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant. The stem cells of own body is preserved before infusion of cytotoxic drug and preserved stem cells are re-infused in the body of patients. It takes around 12 days for engraftment of stem cells in the patient’s bone marrow, he added.

Dr Kalra said that the period of last two week was critical for the patient as she was in the immunocompromised state & prone to infections. 

The patient was admitted on 1st August 2023 & Bone marrow transplant was performed on 5th August 2023. The patient has been fully recovered and is ready to discharge from the hospital.