Delhi AIIMS establishes ‘Outsourcing Cell’ to streamline outsourced staff engagement and payment

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The All India Institute of Medical Sciences have established a new dedicated Outsourcing Cell for the engagement of outsourced staff and streamlining their payment of wages.

The ‘Outsourcing Cell’ will endeavour to improve the engagement and payment processes for outsourced staff. This initiative comes in response to the observed challenges faced by outsourced staff, including lack of transparency and timely payment from the agencies providing these services.

The Outsourcing Cell will operate separately from the Recruitment Cell and will be headed by Dr. Shah Alam, Professor of Orthopaedics, as the Professor In charge (Outsourcing), with the assistance of Dr. Anant Gupta, Assistant Professor of Hospital Administration. The cell will collaborate with the existing staff handling outsourcing in the recruitment cell and will share the same workspace.

The Outsourcing Cell will be responsible for the finalization of standard terms and conditions to be included in all tenders for outsourced manpower at AIlMS. It will also develop a transparent and corruption-free Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for engaging outsourced manpower.

It will also collaborate with the computer facility to develop a grievance redressal system for outsourced staff to report feedback, complaints, and instances of corrupt practices related to their engagement and deployment.

It is important to note that the functioning of outsourced services such as sanitation and security will continue under the supervision of their respective in-charges. However, the welfare of the outsourced staff in these services will also be supervised by the Outsourcing Cell.