4-year-old swallow whistle, AIIMS Doctors remove successfully

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In a rare case, the doctors at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi has successfully operated a four-year-old boy, who accidentally swallowed a whistle.

The boy from Haryana swallowed the whistle after it got detached from the shoe he was wearing. He swallowed it while playing with his siblings.

Soon after ingesting the whistle, the boy started coughing, following which his parents rushed him to AIIMS. Doctors at the hospital operated on the boy for at least an hour to extract the whistle from his body.

“My daughter informed me that the boy had swallowed a whistle. I patted him on his back to make him vomit…he vomited, but the whistle did not come out,” said the boy’s mother.

The doctors said parents should be careful while handling children in the age group of one to three as they are more prone to gulping things that could be dangerous to their lives.