Woman must know these six points in relationship

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Understanding and learning to be with a woman requires time, energy and effort because every woman is unique in her own ways. Sure, most of us have the same complaints, such as not having enough clothes to wear every time we have to step out! But when it comes to relationships, while all women will differ in terms of their needs and desires from their partners, there are still some essentials that every woman needs…

  1. Someone to hear them out: Women want to be heard, understood and validated. They want to know and feel that their thoughts, opinions and emotions are important and considered.

2. Respect: Whether a woman is a CEO or a home-maker, her contribution in every aspect is valuable. Women need to respect themselves first and also need their partners, friends and family members to do the same.

3. Appreciation: Yes, for all the hard work that they put in managing so many things and relationships, they want to feel appreciated through words or gestures that tell them that they are seen & appreciated.

4. Emotional safety: Women want to feel emotionally safe in their relationships so that they can be their vulnerable self, knowing that their partners will hold space for their emotional experience.

5. Support: A partner that has her back and supports her through thick and thin. Someone who’s there on the good days and always shows up on the not so good ones as well.

6. Freedom & space: Women want relationships where they can be themselves, fly as high as they want to knowing that they are seen, respected and valued for they are.