Max healthcare organized Neuro-Con 2021

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Neurologists from all parts of Indian come under one roof to deliberate on making neurosurgery safer for patients

The Department of neurosurgery, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Vaishali organized Neruro-Con 2021. The neurosurgery conclave was organized with the theme “Making Neurosurgery safer for patients”. The conclave was attended by neurosurgeons from across India who deliberated on multiple neurosurgery topics and techniques to make neurosurgeries safer.
Dr. Manish Vaish, Director – Neurosurgery, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Vaishali and organizing chairman, Neuro-con 2021 said, Past 1 and half year has been difficult for all specialties as the complete focus was on COVID 19. Neurology is the stream of medical science in which treatment is time sensitive and any delay in treatment can result in irreversible damage. We always try to keep innovating to make neurosurgeries safer for our patients and Neuro-con 2021 was organized to bring the best neurosurgeons under one roof to deliberate on the same. The Neuro-con had 8 sessions in which 24 topics were presented and discussed. Some of the topics covered were minimally invasive spinal surgery, Stroke & COVID era, minimally invasive brain surgery, neuronavigation, and awake craniotomy.”

“At Max Vaishali, we have state-of-the-art equipment for neurosurgery, which helps us treat challenging neuro problems. Through minimally invasive surgeries of the spine, we help patients to stand on the very next day of the surgery.”, added Dr. Vaish.

During his talk Dr. Viash explained how integrating multiple technical modalities can result in a better outcome. He highlighted the neurosurgical cases where he & his team integrated MRI, navigation, microscope, and endoscope for better patient outcomes. Some of the conditions treated through this approach were Glioma & Tuberculoma, pituitary adenoma, Meningioma, etc.