Booster dose on expert recommendation only : Mandaviya

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Union health minister Mansukh Mandaviya has said that a decision on booster dose would be taken based on the expert recommendation only. He said that the present aim is to vaccinate the whole population with both doses adding that adequate stocks of Covid vaccines are available.

“The government cannot take a direct decision in such a matter. When the Indian Council of Medical Research and expert team will say that a booster dose should be given, we will consider it then,” Mandaviya said on Thursday.
Talking about the kids vaccination roll out program, Mandaviya said that the government does not want to be in hurry for kids vaccination and any decision in this regard will be taken based on the expert opinion.

Health Minister was speaking at the Times Now Summit 2021. “We do not want to rush this thing. Since this is a matter related to children, the expert group is carrying out further studies on it”, he added.
“About vaccinating the children, we will make a decision based on expert opinion. We have decided to think and evaluate before going ahead with vaccinating children as they are the future of our country and we need to tread with caution in this matter,” the minister said.
While talking about the protection from Covid infection after both doses of vaccines, Mandaviya said that we have learnt that even after vaccination Covid can happen. Then again, data emerged stating that after vaccination one does not get severe Covid. The first dose gives 96 per cent protection and both doses give 98.5 per cent protection from infection.

“Nearly 80 per cent of India’s adult population have taken at least the first dose. The country’s vaccination performance has been remarkable”, Mandaviya said.