Indian Army swift action saves soldier’s life in medical evacuation and surgery

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In a demonstration of commitment and excellence, the Indian Army recently undertook a life-saving mission that exemplifies its dedication to the health and safety of its personnel. This was a casualty evacuation mission that showcased the Indian Army’s rapid response capabilities, advanced medical expertise, and the seamless integration of support services, underlining the ethos of prioritizing every soldier’s well-being.

The incident dated 9th April 2024, involved a soldier stationed in the challenging terrain of Ladakh, who suffered severe injuries and his one hand got amputated.

The soldier was swiftly evacuated to the Military Garrison Hospital in Leh, where he was stabilised by a team of dedicated doctors.

The Doctors recognised the critical need for specialised surgery not available locally. A decision was made to transport the soldier to the Army Hospital Research and Referral (AHRR) in Delhi for advanced medical care to save his appendages.

The operation further witnessed great amount of synergy within the Armed Forces. Indian Air Force facilitated the transportation within an hour demand for air effort was made by Indian Army. All the while soldier was kept under medical supervision nd the amputated part, preserved in a cold container.

The Transport Aircraft of Indian Air Force carried out night landing in Leh Airfield using night vision equipment and evacuated the soldier to Delhi.

At Delhi, the soldier was immediately moved to AHRR from Palam Technical Area under medical supervision.

This fine coordination and well streamlined casualty evacuation procedure, ensured that the soldier received the necessary care at the earliest.

Upon arrival at AHRR, the soldier underwent an emergency and highly complex 9 hour surgery for the reimplantation of his hand, including the amputated thumb and index finger.

The challenging procedure was successfully performed by a team of skilled Army doctors.

The soldier is now stable and under post surgery care.

The case demonstrates Indian Army’s ethos of leaving no soldier behind and ensuring the best possible outcome in the face of adversity. It also highlights the synergy between the services, where every unit and individual works in unison towards the common goal of serving the nation.