Human BioSciences, SkinTech Green joins hands to advance wound care solutions in Kenya

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wound care solutions in Kenya

Human Biosciences Inc., a leading US-based pharmaceutical firm, has joined forces with Kenyan company Skintech Green to introduce cutting-edge collagen products for wound treatment in Kenyan hospitals. The collaboration aims to enhance healthcare in the country while fostering economic growth through the establishment of a production plant within the next two years, setting up the opportunity to employ hundreds of health experts directly and indirectly.

Dr. Gerhard Goebel, International Business Development Officer at Human Biosciences, recently visited Eldoret to discuss transformative plans and begin educating medical professionals. ”Every month, thousands of patients visit hospitals for treatment of skin injuries. Our collagen products can cut the healing period in half, reducing treatment costs and resources. This will pave the way for massive changes in Kenyan healthcare and socio-economic development overall.”

Human Bioscience Inc boasts a successful track record, collaborating with over 6,000 hospitals across the United States and globally. The company’s strategic objective is to introduce its revolutionary collagen products worldwide, with partnerships in Germany, Taiwan and India to date. This plant will position Kenya as a pioneer in Africa with state-of-the-art production and substantial growth in the local economy.

Collagen, a vital protein abundant in skin, bones, tissues, and tendons, plays a crucial role in providing strength and structure to promote healing in open wounds of all causes. The Director of Skintech, Dr. John Kibosia, highlighted the positive impact the plant would have on the livestock sector: “The Collagen production process involves sourcing hides from local farmers, which will provide vital support to the agricultural community. This initiative demonstrates a commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainable practices.”