Doctors treat rare fungal infection Rhinosporidiosis at Primus Specialty Hospital

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A team of doctors at a hospital here has treated a 37-year-old male professional swimmer suffering from Rhinosporidiosis, a rare fungal infection and an inflammatory condition that affects the nasal and respiratory passages.

Rhinosporidiosis is a rare granulomatous disease, caused by the fungus Rhinosporidiosis Seeberi, affecting mucous membranes of the nose, eyes, and rectum. Doctors said that the disease is endemic to Eastern and Southern parts of India and occurs due to swimming in contaminated and polluted water bodies.  It usually presents as strawberry-like bleeding polyp in the nose and in severe cases as disseminated rhinosporidiosis.

The patient, Barishan Ray, was admitted to Primus Super Specialty Hospital with a left nasal blockage for 7-8 months and swelling at the back of his throat. The investigation revealed that a reddish strawberry-like mass to be arising from within the nasal cavity and extending to the back of his nose, and down to his throat. On histopathological examination, the diagnosis of Rhinosporidiosis was confirmed. The entire mass was taken out after the surgery which measured 8cm x 5cm.

“This is a rare condition. In this case, the patient was habitually swimming in local water bodies, so he was affected by this inflammatory condition. He is doing well now after the surgery and is currently on medicine and therapy. The disease is endemic to Eastern and Southern parts of India and occurs due to contaminated and polluted water bodies,” says Dr. Ankush Sayal, Senior Consultant and head, ENT and Cochlear Implant, Primus Hospital.