Hospital organises wedding ceremony for admitted patient

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Hospital organises wedding ceremony

In an event of showcasing compassion, a hospital in the city held the wedding ceremony for the admitted patient. On request of the patient’s family-members, the hospital organised a brief wedding ceremony for patient adhering to all necessary health and safety protocols in the presence of medical staff and doctors.

The patient, Avinash, is currently admitted to the High Dependency Unit (HDU) of Max Super Specialty Hospital Vaishali and is battling dengue fever with low platelet counts. His marriage was planned with Ms. Anuradha from Palwal with a traditional celebration at paternal home. However, the unforeseen health circumstances led to the temporary postponement of their wedding plans.

The patient and family members urged the hospital administration to organise a brief wedding ceremony within the hospital premises. The wedding ceremony was held in the presence of immediate family members and hospital staffs under the supervision of the clinical team.Dr. Ruchi Ranawat, Medical Superintendent of hospital, said, “This event serves as a testament to the resilience of our patients and exemplifies the compassion and dedication of our healthcare community to provide empathy and emotional support during difficult times. Currently Avinash is undergoing treatment under Internal Medicine and is responding well”.