Former health minister warns over ‘using pic to promote fake health products’

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Health Minister

Former health minister Dr Harshvardhan has warned for using his photo to paddle fake health products campaign. In a social media post, he said, “To my utter shock and surprise, my attention has been drawn to a misinformation campaign being run on social site Facebook, illegally misusing my photographs to mislead the public by promoting fake health products with false and unscientific claims”.

Former minister said that his photographs have been copied without permission and are being used in a way that is harming my reputation and credibility as a medical professional because all claims being made in these social media posts are bogus and unfounded.

“I regret to say that these unethical elements are using my photos and exploiting my name in advertisements that are false and misleading and this is being done without my consent. I have already reported this matter to the Facebook authorities” he said.

He said that as a medical professional, I can say that there is no scientific basis for what is being claimed in these advertisements and those who use such dubious products shall be doing so at the risk of their lives. Sale of such products is illegal as they are harming the consumer and every attempt should be made to get these removed from the marketplace.

He also appealed to the public not to get misled by these deceptive and false claims. These advertisements also amount to invasion of my privacy. I am a public person but that does not mean that my pictures can be used without my consent. I direct the owners of these Facebook accounts to immediately remove my pictures. I also request Facebook authorities to take immediate action against these accounts, Dr Harshvardhan said.