First dual kidney transplant held at AIIMS

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The All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, has performed the first dual kidney transplant in collaboration with ORBO.

A 78-year-old lady was admitted to AIIMS Trauma Centre with severe head injury after falling from stairs. Later, she was declared brain dead and her family consented for organ donation.

Because of donor’s extreme age, her single kidney would not have  been sufficient for a patient on dialysis.  The hospital said that a decision was taken to use both the kidneys in a single recipient. 

AIIMS said that both the kidneys were placed on the right side of one on top of the other a 51-year-old lady who was in dialysis.The recipient had an uneventful recovery with both the kidneys performing well following the surgery. This one of a kind surgery is a great example of using limited resources to bridge the huge demand and supply gap, said hospital.